Helping crypto companies with paperwork

We consult clients taking into consideration not only legal requirements but also a market practice and business aspect of the matter

Helping crypto companies with paperwork
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Our services

The AMLBot team offers certified specialists from various fields including legal, audit, AML/CFT compliance, and blockchain forensics. We provide comprehensive consulting that considers legal requirements, market practices, and business aspects.

Drafting AML/KYC  and transaction monitoring procedures

We help crypto businesses to draft and develop their internal AML/KYC processes.

Assisting clients in opening account at banks or crypto exchanges

Some of our clients struggle to open an account for their crypto asset or fiat related services.

AML/KYC and Blockchain analytics trainings

We have first-hand experience when it comes to AML and crypto assets or blockchain and we want to share our knowledge and expertise.

Legal and audit services

Some of our consultants are lawyers and auditors with experience at top tier law firms, Big4 and CEX who can help our clients to solve legal matters and provide comprehensive due diligence reports.

Our 300+ clients and partners

Why AMLBot?

Personalized Approach

  • AMLBot offers a wide range of compliance solutions customized for each client
  • We're confident in meeting your demands after helping 300+ crypto enterprises of all sizes in 25 jurisdictions

Integrated Compliance Platform

  • We offer KYT/Wallet Screening, KYC, AML, and more for crypto businesses
  • AMLBot' risk scoring is based on multiple data sources, ensuring that we have the most reliable data in the industry
  • Our user-friendly services and solutions streamline your company processes, removing compliance provider complexity

Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not on the list?

Contact us via messenger. We are in touch 24/7, so any issue can be resolved quickly and in a live chat format.

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Why do I need AML/KYC compliance?
Not being AML/KYC compliant may lead to a revocation of the license by the regulators and up to big fines or even an imprisonment. In addition, your account may be blocked and your assets may be frozen by a financial institution or a cryptocurrency exchange.
Do you issue certificates of training completion?
Yes, we issue confirmation that the training provided by AMLBot was completed. You can show this certificate to the auditors, regulators, banks or crypto exchanges when they will ask for proof of your AML/KYC or Blockchain analytics expertise.
How long does it take?
Depending on the request, the process of drafting procedures or other documents may take from 1 or 2 weeks and up to 1 month.
What countries can you cover?
We primarily cover EU and CIS countries for licensing or AML related assignments. However, other countries may be considered on an individual basis. In addition, there are documents which are needed for financial institutions or cryptocurrency exchanges only and not for local regulators. In such a case, we will be able to provide you with necessary assistance as well.
Do you issue a due diligence (audit) report of crypto wallets?
We may provide you with the audit of a crypto wallet. The audit will include the analysis of the source of funds, counterparties, risks and behavior of the selected crypto wallet. Such audit of the crypto wallet may be necessary for businesses or individuals in further interaction with a bank or a regulator.

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