AMLBot - AML Cryptocurrency Transaction Monitoring (Risk) Software analyze

We screen wallets based on 16 parameters.
We divide these parameters into three categories:
Dark Service

Coins related to child abuse, terrorist financing or drug trafficking


Coins that were obtained by deception

Exchange Fraudulent

exchanges involved in exit scams, illegal behavior, or who have had funds seized by the government

Dark Market

Coins that were used for shopping on the darknet


Coins that were passed through a mixer to make tracking difficult or impossible. Mixers are mainly used for money laundering


Stolen coins

Illegal Service

Coins associated with illegal activities


Coins obtained through extortion or blackmail

If the result has some percentages that have links indicating Dark Market, Dark Service or Illegal Service, we recommend Investigation before transacting further. This will help you assess the potential risks and make the right decision.


Coins obtained from a cryptocurrency ATM

Exchange Mlrisk High

exchanges that allow the withdrawal of more than $2000 in crypto daily without KYC/AML. (For fiat withdrawals, KYC/AML is still required.)

Exchange Mlrisk Very high

exchanges that don’t use verification procedures, or have requirements for certain countries only

Risky Exchange

Coins from an exchange without identity/KYC verification


Coins associated with unlicensed online gaming

Payment Management

Coins associated with payment services

Exchange Mlrisk Low

exchanges that require KYC/AML identification for a deposit or withdrawal

Trusted Exchange

Coins connected to an exchange where there is comprehensive verification of their users


Coins stored in verified wallets

Exchange Mlrisk Moderate

exchanges that allow the withdrawal of up to $2000 in crypto daily without KYC/AML. (For fiat withdrawals, KYC/AML is still required.)


Coins linked to an exchange where there is a partial verification of its users


Coins mined by miners and not yet forwarded


Coins that were used to pay for legal activities

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