Secure Your Wallets from Illicit Funds

Receiving funds of illegal origin could lead the risk of having your funds frozen

Suspicious Transactions

Identifying assets linked to illegal activities such as fraud, terrorism, extortion, and other crimes.


View the direct and indirect connection between the given address and the identified clusters, the total value sent to/from the target wallet, and the distance to it.

Address Tracking

Real-time monitoring of any transactions associated with a specified blockchain address, receiving instant notifications for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

Trusted by compliance desks of

  • Binance
  • OKX
  • Kuna

23% of wallets hold risky assets, exposing users to scams, fraud, or bad actors.

AMLBot risk scoring is based on multiple data sources, ensuring that we have the most reliable data in the industry

Keep Your Crypto Safe

Identify Potential Risks

Avoid CEX Account Suspension

Regular verification of your crypto wallets and transactions can significantly reduce the risk of your assets being frozen on exchanges.

Boost Security

Identify and address potential security threats to safeguard your investments and holdings.

Stay Legal & Avoid Trouble

Comply with evolving regulations and avoid penalties. Regular checks help you adhere to legal requirements, avoiding penalties and legal issues.

What do we analyze?

Staying compliant with evolving regulatory standards is crucial in the cryptocurrency world. Regular checks help you adhere to legal requirements, avoiding penalties and legal issues.


Suspicious sources

Trusted sources


1 Check
$3 per one check
Save 17%
10 Checks
$2.5 per one check
Save 33%
25 Checks
$2 per one check
  • 25+ Supported Blockchains and their native assets and tokens
  • Manual checking of transactions and wallets through the dashboard
  • 24/7 Priority Service
  • 3 Data Sources

How to check your address?



Simple message in Telegram or WhatsApp is all it takes to initiate a comprehensive check of your crypto wallet, making it a convenient option for users who prefer instant messaging platforms.


Website or App

For a more traditional approach, log into your user account on our website. Here, you can purchase and conduct wallet checks with detailed guidance and support, providing a comprehensive and interactive experience. Or download our mobile app for the ultimate convenience and accessibility.

Wallet Address Investigation

Watch video with Investigation example

Why AMLBot?

Personalized Approach

  • AMLBot offers a wide range of compliance solutions customized for each client.
  • We're confident in meeting your demands after helping 300+ crypto enterprises of all sizes in 25 jurisdictions
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Integrated Compliance Platform

  • We offer KYT/Wallet Screening, KYC, AML, and more for crypto businesses
  • AMLBot' risk scoring is based on multiple data sources, ensuring that we have the most reliable data in the industry
  • Our user-friendly services and solutions streamline your company processes, removing compliance provider complexity

We are trusted members of

  • LSW3LSW3

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Secure Your Crypto with Wallet & Transaction Risk Screening