AMLBot - AML program to check crypto wallets for illicit funds

By accepting illicit funds, you may be allowing criminals to use your services for illegal activities.

Have confidence that your customers’ funds are clean.

Results of crypto checking




How can we help?

We screen crypto wallets and transactions for connections to illicit activities. This is required to maintain compliance with supervisory authorities and can protect you from fraudsters.
It is like cutting a diamond, the more we trim it, the more facets and information it reveals to us.

How does it work?

Click here ~ 30 sec.

Put the cryptocurrency address on the website or Telegram and click “check”


Check ~ 1 sec.

We check the address against different databases. We identify suspicious transactions and evaluate the risks.

20+ different sources are used for the risk assessment.

Result ~ 2 sec.

We provide detailed statistics on the wallet or transaction(s), including a percentage of how risky the funds are. We issue a report with a risk score which helps you to make a decision.

Why do you need this?

In order to avoid the dark side!

By accepting funds from suspicious wallets, you run the risk of regulatory actions from supervisory authorities

Even if this may not occur, your custodian wallet could be marked as having illicit funds associated with it. Consequently, your reputation may be jeopardised for an extended period. What happens on the blockchain remains on the blockchain forever.

Results of AML checking

$500 000 000

Funds blocked on the exchange after AML verification

$65 000 000

We saved clients from losses in 3 years


The wallets we verified contain criminal assets

We are not here to scare

We are not here to exaggerate the situation. Usually, our customers come to us after serious losses or their accounts being blocked on a popular exchange.
We know what this means. Therefore, we want to help save your money.

How much your peace of mind costs

We have flexible rates. The more checks you buy, the cheaper it is. Simple math.
cost single check

$300 / $0.3 for checking

1000 checks

For exchanges and exchanges. The most profitable package

If you aren’t satisfied - 100% money back
You can buy additional checks at any time
Purchased checks do not expire
cost single check

$100 / $1 for checking

100 checks

Profitable package for medium volumes.

If you aren’t satisfied - 100% money back
You can buy additional checks at any time
Purchased checks do not expire

$50 / $2 for checking

25 checks

Ideal for starting to understand our service

If you aren’t satisfied - 100% money back
You can buy additional checks at any time
Purchased checks do not expire

You can pay in crypto!

According to our statistics, every fourth wallet is suspicious. It is better to spend a couple of dollars checking and protect your assets from losses of several thousand dollars.

You can pay in crypto!

Everything is automatic

We offer an API integration, so you can use your valuable time for other important things.
Our team will help you to set up automatic verification of all incoming transactions.

It’s quick and easy!

Go to our website and check your wallet or a transaction. No installations, no downloads, no complicated instructions. It’s fast and efficient.



This feature allows you to get a list of services (clusters) that form a risk score and make a more balanced decision on a high-risk asset.

The Investigation shows the names of the clusters, their risks and the number of intermediate addresses (distance to these clusters).

Download sample report

What else can we offer for you?

Multi-currency support

AMLBot supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, Tether OMNI, XRP, ETC, BSV and 1500+ ERC-20 tokens (including Tether, BNB, QC, NEXO, TUSD, and 60+ DeFi tokens)


We screen addresses against several databases simultaneously. We update the databases every hour, so our checks remain accurate


We do not collect or store data about you or your business.

API integration

We help with the API integration to your business. We connect you with our team and give clear instructions.

We respond within 30 seconds

Our support team will help you resolve any issue.

Referral program

Share your personal link to AMLBot with your friends (find ref. link in your account). Using the link, your friend receives a 5% discount at sign-up, and you receive 10% from all payments of your friends.

Why you can trust us


We maintain relevant certificates in AML and KYC


Databases provided by Crystal


We are trusted by companies from the EU


We are available 24/7 for your inquiries

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