Know Your Customer

Search the global Legal Entity Identifier catalogue, obtain LEI profiles and keep your records up to date. A world of LEI’s under one single search.

How does it work?

We check the wallet across various databases, search for suspicious transactions and estimate the risks

Start with identity verification

Screen global sanctions and politically exposed persons lists

Check for negative news

Document verification
Real-time document verification. We confirm document's originality and validity. We verify user's personal details, name, date of birth and nationality. Deep and comprehensive screening against sanctions and watch lists. Using in-house algorithms and databases we confirm that the client is not involved in politics or money laundering.
AML check
According to the requirements of the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention, we check the origins of the fund, purpose of the transfer, and supporting documents. We adjust the check as per the client’s internal policy or regulatory requirements.
Face verification
Identity verification via facial recognition. We confirm that client's selfie matches photo on its ID.
Address verification
We validate residence using official document such as utility bill or bank statements, comparing one with the address provided by the client.
Video verification
Identity verification via video call. During a call we confirm that it is client's will to pass the verification and that provided documents belongs to him.
Financial viability check
Validation of documents issued by financial instituions or lawyer confirming client's trustworthiness.
Company check
Ongoing KYC monitoring
We offer regular checks of the existing client's applicants against blacklists. When the new match appears compliance manager carries out an additional manual check on a particular applicant. Monitoring can be conducted on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Price stated for the monthly monitoring.
Fixed monthly fee
Fixed service fee in the amount of 100 euro per month. The service fee doesn’t depend on the amount and types of services provided and is paid on top of the verification price.

Benefits of KYC from AMLBot

We are a team specialized in all AML / KYC and Regulatory compliance matters. With us you will accelerate customer interaction, reduce risks and simplify your business processes.

Comply with regulations

With 3+ years of hands-on experience in financial and regulatory fields, our team can set up the system to your specific requirements, providing a solution for complying with global, local and future regulations.

Operate your business globally

We authenticate 4,000+ types of documents from over 240+ countries in local languages, which means you can on-board and verify customers around the world.

Reduce operational costs

We help your compliance team efficiently review and process incoming customers by streamlining their workflow and automating the screening and verification process.

Streamline on-boarding

Use our web-based application or integrate into your system via API to quickly enhance your customer on-boarding experience and analyze your process to constantly adapt and improve.

World-class customer support

Your dedicated account manager will guide you and support your time throughout the whole process: set up, training, maintenance and ongoing support.

Secure your customers’ data

We make the security of your data a priority. Access highest security and remain the owner of your data.

Online 24/7 Support AMLBot

No bots and auto answers. Conversations with real people only. Write to us via your preferred messenger and get respond in a few minutes.