How does it work?

Trace your funds in 30 seconds

Providing the address from where the funds were stolen

Paying for the investigation

Trace the address where the money went

Don't put it off!

The faster you react, the higher is the chance to reclaim your funds. We reccommend contacting the wallets where the funds went right away.

Investigation example

That's how your results would look: the report shows the destination addresses, who they belong to and what you can do to reclaim your funds.

Trusted reports

Even the biggest exchange offices trust our reports and help us return the stolen funds. You don't have to worry, with this report you will be taken seriously!

How much is it?

$1.5 - $10

A small token for the chance to get your money back and find out which exchanges they are being pulled to


A chance to reclaim funds

Our statistics show that you have the highest chance to reclaim your funds if you start the investigation within the first 24 hours after the theft.

The longer you put it off, the less chance you have to get your money back!


We do not guarantee that you will reclaim the funds, but we show you who you can reach out to in order to effectively block your funds and try to return them.

Transactions in crypto cannot be cancelled or rolled back, therefore you have to react quickly and get ahead of the fraud, get their account blocked - and reclaim your funds.

What else can we offer for you?

Multi-currency support

AMLBot supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, Tether OMNI, XRP and 1500+ ERC-20 tokens (including Tether, BNB, QC, NEXO, TUSD, and 60+ DeFi tokens)

API integration

We help with the API integration to your business. We connect you with our team and give clear instructions.

Crystal Databases

We screen addresses against several databases simultaneously, including the Crystal Blockchain. We update the databases every hour, so our checks remain accurate

We respond within 30 seconds

Our support team will help you resolve any issue


We do not collect or store data about you or your business.

Referral program

We give free checks for recommending our service. When referring others to our service, your friend receives a 10% discount at sign-up, and you receive 5 free checks after they have successfully signed up.

Online 24/7 Support AMLBot

No bots and auto answers. Conversations with real people only. Write to us via your preferred messenger and get respond in a few minutes.