Referral Program

Earn 10% from each payment of users you have invited to AMLBot. They will receive a 5% discount.

  • Any AMLBot user can participate

  • You earn continuously, the amount of income is unlimited

  • No prepayment is required

  • Friends are grateful for the recommendation and discount

How to participate in the referral program?

  • 2. Share
  • 3. Done!

Share the link on websites, in social networks, in personal messages.

All the new users who registered in AMLBot through your referral link are now your referrals. 

They also get a 5% discount on AMLBot check packages.

Friends save while you earn!

The number of your referrals and the amount deducted can be found in Telegram (Info -> Ref. Program), or on the website

You can withdraw your income at any time upon request to the support service or email [email protected]

You must earn at least $50 and use any AMLBot verification package to be eligible for withdrawal.

We offer various methods of withdrawing with cryptocurrency to keep the withdrawal fee as low as possible.

To place the referral on your website, you can use special banners  Let your users know that you care about the purity of your assets and earn even more.

By the way, we give free checks for the placement of our banner (upon request to support).

You can change your referral link (after # ~) upon request to the support service or email [email protected].

AMLBot предлагает реферальную программу для всех.

Пригласи друзей по своей реферальной ссылке в AMLBot и получи.

Для того чтобы получить ссылку зайди в свой кабинет на как показано на скриншотах:

Размести ссылку у себя на сайте или в соц сетях и зарабатывай вместе с AMLBot (скрин с FB где результат проверки и снизу ссылка)

Также у нас есть банеры для сервисов. Дай возможность своим клиентам проверить крипту перед тем как ее принимать.

Каждый кто зарегистрировался, станет твоим рефералом.

Все отчисления и рефералов можно видеть в кабинете (скрин)

Выплаты реф отчислений