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Our team of specialists assist in:

  • Crypto licensing procedure
  • Opening bank account
  • Policy and other required documents
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What do we offer?

Our expertise is based on MiCA and the regulatory needs of crypto-friendly countries.
Crypto licensing procedure

Crypto licensing procedure

Drafting legal documentation required for crypto licensing process in the EU such as AML policies, risk appetite statement, special procedure for blockchain analytics, whistleblowing policies, country risk policy.

Consulting crypto companies

Consulting crypto companies

Consulting crypto companies in day-to-day business such as providing AML trainings and internal investigation on the source of crypto funds.

Annual AML training is obligatory for licensed crypto companies.

Regulatory Assistance

Regulatory Assistance

Support for crypto companies when opening bank accounts and filling out questionnaires from financial institutions.

In addition, we offer an audit of the selected crypto wallet for legal risks.

The bank may require you to complete AML-related forms or provide AML policies, etc.

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Why do I need AML/KYC compliance?
Not being AML/KYC compliant may lead to a revocation of the license by the regulators and up to big fines or even an imprisonment. In addition, your account may be blocked and your assets may be frozen by a financial institution or a cryptocurrency exchange.
How can you help me?
Our expertise focuses on crypto licensing requirements, AML/KYC compliance and opening a bank account. The package of documents or specific advice depends on the client's needs. We are also skilled to provide AML related training.
How long does it take?
Depending on the request, the process of drafting procedures or other documents may take from 1 or 2 weeks and up to 1 month.
What countries can you cover?
We primarily cover EU and CIS countries for licensing or AML related assignments. However, other countries may be considered on an individual basis. In addition, there are documents which are needed for financial institutions or cryptocurrency exchanges only and not for local regulators. In such a case, we will be able to provide you with necessary assistance as well.
Do you issue a due diligence (audit) report of crypto wallets?
We may provide you with the audit of a crypto wallet. The audit will include the analysis of the source of funds, counterparties, risks and behavior of the selected crypto wallet. Such audit of the crypto wallet may be necessary for businesses or individuals in further interaction with a bank or a regulator.