AML Audit Checklist: How to Follow All the Regulatory Rules

AML audit checklist

Nowadays, anti money laundering programs are necessary to follow for every enterprise that deals with finances. There are a number of guidelines that regulate the area for AML activities. Failure to comply with these security policies and principles will lead your business to undermined trust and harmful sanctions from regulators.  As we know, ignorance of […]

New: deleting of checking history

New options in AMLbot

We are glad to announce the latest updates of the AMLBot that make our service even more convenient. Now you can delete your checking history.To do so go to and choose Erase History button. After confirmation all you request and PDF reports will be deleted from AMLBot’s system.Please note: this data cannot be recovered […]

Layering AML (Anti Money Laundering)

Layering anti money laundering

Money and financial gain is always the main motive for fraud. Recently, the Fenergo data supplier company has released a report summarizing the biggest cases of scamming in 2020. Their analysis of safety issues found on platforms they operate revealed that the amount of fines for privacy issues increased by 141%. The total sum of […]

New: flow of funds and p2p sources of risk

updates in AMLBot

We are happy to introduce you the latest updates of AMLBot service: 1. Flow of Funds in InvestigationThe Flow of Funds shows the address of the selected cluster (name in the left column) and intermediate addresses with TxIDs. This allows you to fully track ‘where from’ or ‘where to’ the funds came.Available only at […]

AMLBot at the online seminar hosted by the Association of Ukrainian Banks

Online seminar by Association of Ukrainian banks

On October 29, the Association of Ukrainian Banks hosted an online seminar on “How blockchain and cryptocurrency are transforming the banking business”. For 4 hours the participants discussed current trends in cryptocurrency and predicted the development of blockchain technologies in Ukraine. Discussion included the legal regulation of cryptocurrencies and use of stablecoins by banks. Vyacheslav […]

New: update of the website

new website

We are glad to announce our new website for checking crypto addresses for connection with illegal activities The website has become more convenient and now ♦️2 checks of the general Risk Score are available to new users for free after registration. Now you can use all AMLBot functions in one convenient interface: Check the […]

AMLBot has presented AMLSafe at Blockchain Life 2020

AMLBot presented AMLSafe at Blockchain Life 2020

We were happy to take part in the global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency forum Blockchain Life 2020 as a platinum sponsor. It was an honor for AMLBot’s team to present AMLSafe — the best cryptocurrency wallet with built-in AML program feature, where you can storage, purchase, sale and exchange 50+ cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Life is one of […]

New: PDF-report is launched!

New: pdf reposrt is launched

Now, AMLBot automatically generates a PDF-report for the result of your check every time you screen the cryptocurrency address. You can find the document below every checking result and in the history of your checks on the website, in Telegram and via API. We are, at AMLBot, aware of the AML compliance requirements to document […]

AMLBot Checks Tether USDT ERC-20

AMLBot checks Tether USDT ERC-20

We are happy to announce support of USDT Tether (ERC-20) for checking in AMLBot. Please mind some limitations for Tether: there is general Risk only, no sources are provided; you can check wallet addresses only (not the transaction). Tether has long become a solid mainstay in the OTC market, as evidenced by the Market Cap […]

Final thoughts on changes in Estonia about cryptocurrency business

Final thoughts on changes in Estonia about cryptocurrency business

To continue our sequence of articles about “how not to lose the cryptocurrency license in Estonia” Nikolay has prepared a closing article about the general shift in Estonia in terms of cryptocurrency regulation. You can read about the first, second and third recommendations here on our blog. The fourth article is related to the attitude […]