Terra collapse

As many of you know, TerraUSD (UST), an algorithmic “stablecoin” created by Terraform Labs, crashed this week. Designed to maintain a peg to the US dollar, the value of 1 UST fell from $1 to a low of only $0.0004699, resulting in billions of dollars in losses to UST holders. After the stablecoin UST from […]

Keeping it Clean, or how to comply with AML in DeFi

In March 2021, the global anti-money laundering body FATF (Financial Action Task Force), consisting of 37 county members, has published a draft regulation for virtual asset service providers (VASP). The focus of the published guidance is on the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), which highlights how the regulators acknowledge the rising popularity of […]

What is DeFi and how to protect your cryptocurrencies?

The world changes every day. Today, new alternative types of financial platforms appear. They are based on blockchain and provide their users with a huge number of new abilities while allowing them to avoid the involvement of third parties. This one provides users with more freedom. If you don’t want to depend on centralized structures […]

Why are cryptocurrencies so attractive for criminals, and how to fight against this?

Today, cryptocurrencies are very often used in crimes and money laundering. Let’s consider why cryptocurrencies are so attractive for crimes and how they are used in money laundering. In addition, you will find out how to protect your cryptocurrency from “dirty money”.  Cryptocurrencies are very often involved in money laundering, fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, […]

The new branach of crypto regulation: alternative solutions

According to the threat of new cryptocurrency regulations, one of the biggest decentralized exchanges Uniswap stopped trading certain tokens.  However, the main fear and stress in the cryptocurrency world are about the first version of tax compliance requirements proposed by the United States Senate. Current crypto-related policies and regulations fall into three main directions: The […]

The Crypto Travel Rule: from challenges to solutions

As you know, the European Union announced new rules of control for cryptocurrency transactions on 20 July 2021. This policy is intended to enhance a control above crypto transactions requiring the identification of the originator and recipient. The main purpose of AML policy is to fight against money laundering and involving cryptocurrencies in illegal actions, […]

Hydra transaction volume grew to $1.4 billion in 2020. What’s next?


The Russian market, which sells everything from drugs and confidential data to fake documents and counterfeit banknotes, is growing at an excessive pace. Back in 2016, the volume of transactions on Hydra was $9.4 million. In 2020, according to Flashpoint and Chainalysis research, the number of transactions on the marketplace totaled $1.37 billion.  Simple math […]