True reasons why crypto companies lost their licenses in Estonia

Personal opinion of our fintech lawyer Nikolay Demchuk It was interesting to read articles on various news websites about 500 Estonian crypto companies losing their licenses in 2020. Why was it interesting? I believe the authors of these news websites are trying to create  hype by attributing the loss of licenses to the money laundering […]

Partnership with Crystal Blockchain Analytics

crystal blockchain

Good news! Crystal Blockchain by Bitfury and AMLBot became official partners. We have been working on this for the last months and, as a result, AMLBot is now the official representative of Crystal Blockchain. Crystal provides advanced analytics and data scraping with clusterization to map transactions on blockchain. This helps companies to fight against money […]

Definition of stablecoin by European Parliament


Creators of first cryptocurrencies had the intention to create a new means of payment for use by the general public. However, the early day coins have not evolved into a new means of payment or store of value, but have served more as a highly speculative asset class for certain investors. Also, several kinds of […]

AMLBot partners with Estonian Fintech Companies

AMLBot has partnered with Estonian fintechs such as Digital Renaissance and Comistar to share their experiences, receive support in their product development and covering new markets. Digital Renaissance is founded by a group of early adopters of the Estonian e-Residency program who are based throughout Europe and China. Their aim is to facilitate innovations in […]